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brownie health

27 Feb

this is my first larabar experience and of course, i chose my fav…brownie flavor!!!looks so good<3

these are some other bars i bought…really expensive if living healthy…the sugary bars were much more cheaper!!!:(

the cocoa taste take the lead and so it really taste good, but totally not like brownie, because bakery brownies were much more sweeter than this…but of course health is more important:)

i actually bought a cookie dough flavor too, and both are 45g, while the usual nakd bars i eat are 30g.

i love those chocolate chips which were a bit melty, and the amount is very enough:)not too little and not too much.

the whole bar is actually longer than my palm,and not as oily as raw revolution bars:)so good~!

i also bought whey powder but only drank half…and then threw the other away, it tasted SO BAD:(it costed me$35 hong kong dollars… so sad ah:(

the nut pieces were much larger than when i made my homemade larabars…so tasty and crunchy!!!

the chocolate chips costed me many photos huh?!!!so good they’re really so good!!!:)



wealthy act=binge

25 Feb

so sad.

mom calculate sth for me to check.

and that’s how much money i spent for binge eating within ten days.



one thousand, i didn’t even joke at it or believe it, but that’s the truth, i checked every column and that’s really true.

so sad.

hate binge after birthday

23 Feb

yesterday was my birthday and so my daddy and mommy brought me to the ocean park for celebration.

i ordered a sweet pepper with chicken pizza$32, eaten without the pizza base, but with my home cooked avocado chia egg salad.

we also bought a very delicious turkey leg after i alone got onto that crazy roller coster. i felt pain of every part of my body.

this morning when i woke up, i ate an orange and then sadly binged on around a kg of dried fruits. then i felt even more depressed and then i binged 6 servings of pumpkin flax granola. followed by that, i immediately went to the kitchen and cooked two big pots of beautiful chicken sausage with broccoli garlic mushroom salsa and onion brussels sprout. quite long the name huh?! but my grandma immediately took a piece of cut sausage which i just put one 130kcal serving into my two pots of veggies, that means now per pot is just having less than half a serving. I KNOW YOU ALL UNDERSTAND, anorexia girls don’t like others tasting their food, because we all cook without oil, lots of veggie, and just right amount of protein, so ppl stealing our planned food will mentally make us hungry faster than planned. SO, i hate my grandma’s act, true.

crazy shopping

21 Feb

i was actually planning not to lunch at home because katie is always making food soooooooooooo super oily…but those yellowy cabbage with duck and mushroom is just too difficult to resist. i ate so many pieces of duck breast that day.

after eating a pound of strawberries and four bananas, i felt quite sick and called mom to go shopping with me, to take a walk, but finally it ends buying lots of crazy foods.

when i saw it gluten free, i was so, tooooooooooooooooo crazy to grab it and put into the shopping car…crazy me?!they are just stupid packaged food as said like nicole and gwendolyn, i m just a stupid fat crazy bitch who eat rubbish. by the way, i read the nutrition facts and chose the lowest calorie one—center choice—spicy red pepper, the other two is sweet apple and garlic mushroom. kcal is important than what you really love, right?!

i also bought six slices of sirloin steak, then i went home and cried for this…what a stupid act i’ve just done?!buying beef for myself? u r aiming to lose weight!!! stupid bitch!!!

celebration dinner

21 Feb

yes. that two big plate of chicken soup cooked spinach is all into my stomach, i can really eat that much. and i did eat a little fish too…but lamb is still not yet for me…the high protein bear naked granola is waiting for me to binge it in the room noisily. it’s just loudly calling my name. sad.

after binge-eating the whole pack of 400g granola, i wanted something cold, so i turned to soya yogurt, two pots actually.

good day

19 Feb

this is strawberry flavor, and a bit less calories!!!

and i surprisely found that daddy bought me strawberries from tai po!!!

after eating one box of strawberries, i felt so cold so i opened the pack of hi-pro granola, and finished one third of the whole pack~~~nearly200g…

great day—1st half

19 Feb

this morning, mother and daddy went hiking, leaving me alone at home. after i ate a papaya and a whole orange, i ate this as the end of my lunch.

i went shopping again, and bought bear naked high protein granola, and these lovely babies—soya yogurt and real yogurt.

this is the prune yogurt, very tasty!