Six things about me

2 Feb

I am a gluten free girl. And this is my cathay pacific gluten free meal to japan.

I binge on all kinds of snacks, especially sweet ones. I binge on nuts too, like nearly two kilograms per day, i know that’s a lot of money, but my parents just let me do that, maybe because i had a history of anorexia.

I love french food, but even expensive main meals don’t make me truly satisfied without chewing straightly on chocolate bars or bucket of nuts.

I am dairy free too but I ate ice cream in my Japan trip everyday, see how naughty i am?

Only brown rice or congee can make me eat rice, or actually sushi can too, but plain bowl of rice? Nope. Absolutely i’ll slap on your face if you force me to have a bowl of rice. That’s simply fear.

My favorite meal is breakfast, i usually have oat bran, smoothie, tortilla wrap, or Katie’s oily stir fry garlic-y mushroom broccoli.

That’s all about me! And I’ll make WIAW on this blog so as to recover “faster”?! At least faster than the original-slower-than-turtle speed~!:)

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