wanna vomit

13 Feb

I was hurt, totally, by one whole box 750g of muesli, 600g of pistachio, one dragonfruit, two full bowls of cooked quinoa, 4 brown rice tortilla, and finally a phone call from grandmother, who told me to pick her up in the bus station.

Hemp is the rarest of fibers: new, natural, and luxurious. Its surface reflects light with a subtle luster. Its warm tone and the pattern of its texture have the elegance of refined rusticity. It is simply beautiful. Now hemp fabric has created, for the first time, a luxurious feel and drape that’s a pleasure to feel against the skin.

this bar fits the protein diet which 15gcarbs will get you 7gproteins, well done and the carob tasted SOOOOOO similar to chocolate!

One Response to “wanna vomit”

  1. nicole marie story February 14, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    oh, been there, done that.

    how did you deal with your beautiful grandmother?

    i hate that i often felt stressed around mine. she only wanted to fashionably socialise, but i pushed her away because i suspected that little she thought i was fat.

    fat’s a bitch. xxx

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