brownie health

27 Feb

this is my first larabar experience and of course, i chose my fav…brownie flavor!!!looks so good<3

these are some other bars i bought…really expensive if living healthy…the sugary bars were much more cheaper!!!:(

the cocoa taste take the lead and so it really taste good, but totally not like brownie, because bakery brownies were much more sweeter than this…but of course health is more important:)

i actually bought a cookie dough flavor too, and both are 45g, while the usual nakd bars i eat are 30g.

i love those chocolate chips which were a bit melty, and the amount is very enough:)not too little and not too much.

the whole bar is actually longer than my palm,and not as oily as raw revolution bars:)so good~!

i also bought whey powder but only drank half…and then threw the other away, it tasted SO BAD:(it costed me$35 hong kong dollars… so sad ah:(

the nut pieces were much larger than when i made my homemade larabars…so tasty and crunchy!!!

the chocolate chips costed me many photos huh?!!!so good they’re really so good!!!:)



2 Responses to “brownie health”

  1. MissPistachio March 2, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    This is one thing I’ve not tried making yet, brownies!!! I adore them! I’ve convinced myself that if I really want baked goods I have to make them myself, and I need to make only a very small batch so that there’s only a few and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I’d have to make another (small) batch if I want more. That way, I don’t buy a whole box of cookies or brownies or a whole cake and literally just sit and eat the entire thing just because it’s all sitting in front of me. The chances of me making an effort to make ANOTHER batch of cookies or brownies or cupcakes are NOT good, and by the time I’m done eating my small batch, my sweet tooth is satisfied and I find I don’t want any more if it’s not already sitting in front of me. It works! It really does!

    Next time I will make brownies just for you!

    • bananahut March 3, 2012 at 4:45 am #

      thanks so much, i’m adding effort to recover my binge.:)

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