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muscular man and oreo chez

31 Mar

today i went to watch a film in the cinema with my friend, chan.

and the film is named” Big¬†hunt” ūüôā it’s really good.
the story is about—>
Twenty years ago, the 19-year-old NICK CHEUNG( I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH IN THIS FILM!!!) charged with the murder of a girl AND convicted to 20YEARS imprisonment.
then the detective CCLam found a dead body inside sea, and that man is actually father of the murdered girl.
NICK CHEUNG nearly killed the detective so as to mislead the police.
he actually didn’t kill anyone, his daughter killed that man, and the murdered girl 20years ago was killed by the bad father who abused her.

Nick cheung was slim and very muscle-y, EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and handsome, mostly because he’s very thin and full of muscles<3

after that, chan and i went to caffe habitu next to the cinema and ordered these, everything very yummy except the lava cake with pears and mliky ice cream!!!:(

i enjoyed so much for the six hours chat:) and i’ll baked some choc chips muffins for her next time<3


choc & bberry muffins:(*

31 Mar

this is chocolate chips marble muffin and butter crumble blueberry muffin from pacific coffee costing $32.

both were not so good because they were bland and dry, while the marble part was not chocolate-y enough, and the blueberry one was only made of juice but without fresh pieces mixed in.

i thought that my homemade ones were better:)

chocmuffin tea time

28 Mar

after baking some gluten free muffins at home and ate three immediately, i went out and visit olivers.

this muffin is hk$15 and the muffin top was as good as i expected, but the surprise place was that the middle/bottom was not dry nor hard at all!!!

usual muffins like in starbucks/other bakery, muffin bottoms are even worse than dried breads, but maybe it was because the chocolate chips were so whelming the muffin,

even the center of it was super moist instead of oily/dry!!!

but i hate the note about 380kcal…this muffin was actually 130g and so it was 494kcal, i think the bakery was meaning to cheat customers:(

cinnapple banamuffins

28 Mar

recipe again!!! bob red mill all purpose flour plus banana plus apple cubes plus cinnamon and baking powder with salt. bake for 13mins in a preheated oven and you’ll smell them when they’re well done:)

usually my parents didn’t like my baked goods(they love super sweet/super salty foods), but they do love this one for the sweetness form banana(i didn’t add any sugar/molasses in this muffins)!!!

protein night snack

28 Mar

hehe…this is super nice…crack an egg white and lay oily sausage on top, microwave 1 minute and dress with chunky salsa…really super yum~!:)


simplylife bread pud:)*******

25 Mar

i actually find somebody eating the same thing like me, here.

this was so, so so good. just, brilliant. and, fantastic.

i just can’t introduce it with words because it was TOO HEAVENly:P

the top was very crispy and baked enough and that should be their wasted rye toast, and the ,middle was super soft with many raisins and pumpkin seeds. it’s healthier with these trail-mix-kind-of-thing than usual bread pudding and the sauce was very special too:)

it was not really very custard-y, but i saw small stuffs like egg cooked with cream so it’s still made of these ingredients but much less heavy than real custard. so super creamy, though i finished all the sauce, i actually recommand you guys not to add it because the plain warm bread pudding was really good enough<3

(p.s:i heard people saying it was hard to see it because they only bake them once a day and u’ll never see it if it had been sold out!:(…)

non-binge lunch:)

25 Mar

i was so happy to read so many comments from you guys, you’re all super lovely and kind!!!:)

as i’ve mentioned that “REAL BAD” foods can help my binge situation, i went to get my “MAIN BAD MEALS”again:P and today i was super lucky to pick this—>crumbs large size froyo with raspberry and dark chocolate brownie cubes<3

the whole thing was so good and this way really works for me as i was really VERY FULL after the “BAD” froyo and didn’t snack whole afternoon!!!:)i was so happy about that(though it was actually just a tiny improvement)

the only bad thing is there was only three small pieces of brownies which i think this cup of froyo don’t actually worth $30, but fat people like me just love this size!!!(but plz lower their price:P)

must go if you guys visit hong kong~!<3