think thin VS luna bar

20 Mar

today i went to justgreen again for my clif bars store up:)hehe i’m so excited!!!

this one was so good. it was hk$19, which was same with clif bars, but certain choices of luna bars include PALM OIL, this is the one i found don’t, with only canola oil, i think this is ok. the store has raspberry and mint flavor too, but chunk is so appealing right?:)

i also ate a chunky peanut butter bar from think thin. it was so good without after taste at all said by other reviewers. i was quite surprised it was coated by chocolate because the store don’t have brownie/expresso/dark chocolate flavor, so i chose PB flavor which actually i don’t quite like(yes i dunno why i still bought it), but it was really good!!!:)

but people said they’re extremely filling, i don’t agree…it only fills me for a short two hours!:(even an apple plus a tub of yogurt can do the same for me:)

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