clif white choc nut:(

21 Mar

there were also four blueberry crisp and one carrot cake because the store was out of them(the last one was picked by me~!:P), but i also picked one crunchy PB bar, so lucky. it was bad, see later posts:(

actually, i’ve forgotten to mention that the white choc nut flavor was not only less protein, but also with more kcal…250kcal

actually it did look appealing, then i smelled…:(

it’s like a big meal already, let me explain how was the taste—>

firstly, the white choc was like Ferrero Kinder Bueno white choc version, not overly sweet, but the nut this bar used was really disgusting, very oily smell, and so sad that i’ve chose four bars of this flavor(twelve in a box will be 10%off:)…).

secondly, it’s was exactly like eating Ferrero Kinder Bueno, so i better buy a thousand box of Ferrero Kinder Bueno with the same money instead of four clif bars.

thirdly, of course it came to nutrition facts again for me. heavy kcal and low protein, this is kind of lose-lose solution:(

so the answer of clif white choc nut flavor is of course, NO.

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