hemp bar:)*

21 Mar

ok, this was clearly not a good photo, out focus and just…BAD. but just wanna show the real size of this bar, it’s really large and super fulfilling.

the chocolate layer was brilliant, but actually it was carob, so the healthy side is surprisingly adding lots of delicious points~!!!:)

it contained pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds…etc, lots of really healthy seeds, but the fact i have to tell you guys was that the chewy texture(so good:)..)was actually came from some kind of sugary syrup…

it’ll better if date paste is substitute to it because i just hate too honey-y or syrup-y stuffs.

so, i’ll buy this again because it was super fulfilling and satisfied all kinds of cravings in your body(crunch, choc, nuts, sugary)~!:)


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