pure brownie VS real brownie:)**

22 Mar

so happy. i was too happy to buy once again my favorite pure bar. way better than their chocolate almond bar, they’re so much different so plz don’t trust on your memory towards any one of them:)

this bar is the hardest of all, but i think this is one of the reason i LOVE them. maybe because they added cocoa to this bar, it’s much less breaking into small pieces of nuts and date paste.

it tasted REALLY same to a brownie, in only texture. about the taste, it was absolutely FAR AWAY FROM a real brownie. maybe i should say, if a real life brownie form bakery contains ten spoons of sugar, this HEALTHIFIED brownie contains only one spoon, heaping spoon.

i really loved it~!i actually don’t like the overly sweetness in a real brownie so this one just suits my taste buds!!!:)

it was chewy, full of nuts, don’t smell like oily expired nut-bar, so good~!<3

so nice, plz buy a box instead of one single bar because u’ll regret like me if u hv no second bar after u finished the first one:(

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