pure orange cranberry:)**

22 Mar

can anybody guess what’s this?

yeh~!it’s one of my favourite brand again—>pure bar!!!

i love their brownie bar, second for apple cinnamon, and totally not liking blueberry nor chocolate almond.

so here comes another chance for me to review one of their other flavor:)

this one is two hundred kcal, orange cranberry. although this bar is a bit higher kcal than my favorite brownie bar, this was fabulous!!!super tasty with less guilty feeling given by the brownie bar, really good~!

see the nuts pieces?they are right in the size and not giving any oily smell like usual we get in brownies or other nut-infused bars. this’s really so tasty but i found it quite easy to break. i mean it’ll break into small pieces when you would like to split it just half:O why?

must encore, but my favorite is still brownie bar:)<3

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