raw cinnamon apple:(****

22 Mar

ok, i’m with a white flag now writing this review, this is my first really hating review of all i think, sorry, raw revolution company, i knew you’ve worked so hard:(

they have lots of flavor of this series like banana but i chose this because of my expected cinnamon. when i split a bit of the bar, i saw immediately lots of seeds, which is quite healthy because nuts are proved quite leading to binge eating.

the bar was larger than my usual loved raw revolution cashew bars, but the color of this one was quite scary because they added greens to this bar to add extra nutrients, and this is also one of the reason i bought this bar.

but i was totally disappointed to this bar, it’s unexplainably bitter, and i can’t taste any apple, nor cinnamon. the seeds were still great as usual, but i really can’t take a second bite. too bitter for me to intake greens, i would prefer eating three big bowls of plain steam broccoli than to eat this bar for free. so you can see why i gave this comment(i bought this with my own first month salary in my life!!)

never again sorry.

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