baileys cheese:)*****

24 Mar

after replying fiona‘s comment, i realized that “HEALTHY” snacks actually gave me many reasons to continue my binge eating habit. therefore, i decided not to buy any new bars anymore, the later-post-up-bars-reviews will be actually the bars i’ve eaten some time ago but not yet reviewed.

yes, not snacking but eating something is a must. i went to simplylife bakery in tai ku plaza and bought a $25 baileys cheese cake. i’ve tried this cake in fine foods, but they left me a very bad memory so i’m actually quite worry that this cake will also be as bad as that one:(

wow~!when i press my fork down(they provided me a wooden fork), i can already feel the fillngness of the cake(it was very hard but i LOVE HARD AMERICAN CHEESE CAKE~!)

the cake was full of taste and smell of bailey, but some milk chocolate flavor slowly flies out to my tongue, indeed, this cake was fabulous ~!:)

the white chocolate pieces was much sweeter than the cake but the cocoa powder balanced them out and so this cake was really brilliant<3 i love it and will definitely return for other cakes!!!

by the way, it really helps stopping my binge habit because it was REALLY FULFILLING, I’M SO FULL NOW.

2 Responses to “baileys cheese:)*****”

  1. Fiona March 24, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    That cheesecake looks amazing and so worth it! I’m sorry about my comment, i didn’t mean to sound horrible or anything :/ xx

    • bananahut March 24, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

      no, nothing’s your fault. i’m a binge eater is a fact, and it can be a history if i work harder. i trust myself, and i hope my new plan can help<3

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