clif peanut choc:)*****

25 Mar

repeated bar review?no, i just want to show a different brand about chocolate chunks bar:)love them…

this one was same 240kcal and 10g protein, it seems that only their crunchy peanut butter bar contains 11g protein!!!(but i don’t like that taste…:(…)

here, i’ll review on clif bar peanut butter chocolate chunk. it was much nicer than their crunchy peanut butter because the chocolate chunk helped distract your attention on the weird peanut butter(so salty and then so sweet and then a bit sour, uhh~~)

it was less soft and wet than the crunchy peanut butter but it was still not yet as crunchy as the nature valley oat n dark chocolate bar. i don’t actually like peanut butter, that’s why i used to substitute it with almond butter on rice cakes.

it was my new favorite than blueberry crisp/carrot cake because i love chocolate chunks bar so much:)

it was actually very chewy and the soy crisp in it was so crunchy without wet-tened by the peanut butter, the bar was super nice smell when i just opened a small corner of the packet.

i’ll buy this in a box because 10%off is offered and this flavor deserves a box~!:)<3



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