non-binge lunch:)

25 Mar

i was so happy to read so many comments from you guys, you’re all super lovely and kind!!!:)

as i’ve mentioned that “REAL BAD” foods can help my binge situation, i went to get my “MAIN BAD MEALS”again:P and today i was super lucky to pick this—>crumbs large size froyo with raspberry and dark chocolate brownie cubes<3

the whole thing was so good and this way really works for me as i was really VERY FULL after the “BAD” froyo and didn’t snack whole afternoon!!!:)i was so happy about that(though it was actually just a tiny improvement)

the only bad thing is there was only three small pieces of brownies which i think this cup of froyo don’t actually worth $30, but fat people like me just love this size!!!(but plz lower their price:P)

must go if you guys visit hong kong~!<3


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