simplylife bread pud:)*******

25 Mar

i actually find somebody eating the same thing like me, here.

this was so, so so good. just, brilliant. and, fantastic.

i just can’t introduce it with words because it was TOO HEAVENly:P

the top was very crispy and baked enough and that should be their wasted rye toast, and the ,middle was super soft with many raisins and pumpkin seeds. it’s healthier with these trail-mix-kind-of-thing than usual bread pudding and the sauce was very special too:)

it was not really very custard-y, but i saw small stuffs like egg cooked with cream so it’s still made of these ingredients but much less heavy than real custard. so super creamy, though i finished all the sauce, i actually recommand you guys not to add it because the plain warm bread pudding was really good enough<3

(p.s:i heard people saying it was hard to see it because they only bake them once a day and u’ll never see it if it had been sold out!:(…)

One Response to “simplylife bread pud:)*******”

  1. Fiona March 26, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    Oh God *drools*
    LOVE banana bread
    LOVE bread pudding..

    do you cook? this is SO simple to make yourself!

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