muscular man and oreo chez

31 Mar

today i went to watch a film in the cinema with my friend, chan.

and the film is named” Big hunt” 🙂 it’s really good.
the story is about—>
Twenty years ago, the 19-year-old NICK CHEUNG( I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH IN THIS FILM!!!) charged with the murder of a girl AND convicted to 20YEARS imprisonment.
then the detective CCLam found a dead body inside sea, and that man is actually father of the murdered girl.
NICK CHEUNG nearly killed the detective so as to mislead the police.
he actually didn’t kill anyone, his daughter killed that man, and the murdered girl 20years ago was killed by the bad father who abused her.

Nick cheung was slim and very muscle-y, EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and handsome, mostly because he’s very thin and full of muscles<3

after that, chan and i went to caffe habitu next to the cinema and ordered these, everything very yummy except the lava cake with pears and mliky ice cream!!!:(

i enjoyed so much for the six hours chat:) and i’ll baked some choc chips muffins for her next time<3

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