admire nick

1 Apr

i’ve searched on the internet that the film “big hunt” i watched was actually very harsh for my fav actor—nick cheung.

after Nick promised to act the main character, his breakfast every day became only milk mixed with banana and oatmeal, lunch and dinner eating boiled chicken and vegetables, all other food was not allowed to even touch his mouth.

In addition to dieting, Nick is also crazy to do sports and fitness complexes, a week with six workout days, the average daily 3-4 hours, including running, lifting weights and boxing,

and when he saw his daughter feast to eat will be very envious, but then he only ate the eggs when the reward.

He said the reason was to be a butterfly, a thorough transformation, has decided to do will have to pay a lot.

his friends see him within that six months really thought that he was seriously ill, but dared not asking any, now they finally know that in the end how it is. ”

frankly if i have his hard mind/work, i’ll not still binge eating right at this moment on granola, and not having such a terrible tummy and chubby face:(

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