wow so protein

7 Apr

yes i recently tried egg whites again, that i’ve been allergic to eggs for long.

these were only two of them i cooked and the other one i packed for only with salsa, because i think three pieces of oily sausage only provide enough oil for two whites instead of three.

oily egg whites are more flavorful right?!:) love them.

the sausage is still the gluten free one i used to pick, and here is only about 60kcal…i love meat so much these days<3

heeh!!!my brother asked me to share, but didn’t he know, ED girls don’t share their food?:) do you share your food?

One Response to “wow so protein”

  1. ~Jessica~ April 7, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

    Sadly I’m really possessive with my food: I think the day I can share something is the day I’ll know I’m not influenced by my ED any more.


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