my RED

8 Apr

today i felt like making a post about RED.

ok. i know the above breakfast stable these days is actually PINK-ED by the plum instead of RED-ED by raspberries, but i just want to talk about R, E and D.

You can find the recipe of that green-y pink-y THING in my previous posts, but i loved mixing them with hot water and fromage frais instead of have them plain because the banana and vanilla stevia made them too sweet for me:P

firstly, it comes to R form RED.


i’m actually worrying about my health, how can such a big fat piggy-like bitch still eats real muffins? hah, but the funny thing is, no matter how much home made “healthified” egg white kind yogurt kind banana kind no sugar no oil kind muffins i ate, i’m NOT YET SATISFIED.

instead, like 3/4 a real muffin was enough for my craving, so, the end-up-kcals were even smaller!!!

ok, i seemed to skip the recent food stable thing.

apples, banana, brown rice protein, prawn, brussels sprout(yes i went out and lunch with mom again in another restaurant which i saw this in menu again~!), fromage frais and choc chips.

maybe i should say choc chip first. i’ve like gone through 3X389g choc chips in three days, poor wallet now:(

so, it comes to E from RED now.


i was so happy jessica commented on my post that i was pretty, uhh, though it’s hard to believe, ED girls are usually so smart and pretty, just having a too-low-self-esteem.

yeh, but fat is absolutely right word describing me:(

eggs will be a short one. i used to eat two eggs everyday before i was claimed to be allergic to them. that’s how no words can describe how i love their taste and texture.

this week, i tried adding in whites in my sausage stir fry and cooked oats, i don’t see any symptoms now!!!!!:)


i had really bad stomach for dealing choc chips.

it seems that they worked as the green powder which helps you visit frequently the toilet more, i gave up any gas this week by intaking choc chips but i went to the toilet more frequently:P

maybe some kind of allergy too, but i’ll never give these lovely babies up becuz muffins need them right?:P

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