raw lunch?cooked chickpeas

10 Apr

wow. some creative cells in my body get motivated this week.

i made meatballs,


cheese cake oats,

tofu-ty oats,

green-y purple-y pudding mess,

and, sth for my veggie dip-page:P

the first one is sun dried tomato hummus and the second one is lemon-y roasted garlic& onion hummus, both have paprika, thyme and cinnamon with ginger.

nice, but without adding tahini, they’re not as good as store-bought(my mom said i’ll be poor if i always eat my nut butter so fast)…

One Response to “raw lunch?cooked chickpeas”

  1. the dandelion girl April 11, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    Erm… so I love hummus and I’ve never heard of putting paprika or ginger in it… I think I need to experiment more!

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