greek yogurt VS fromage frais

12 Apr

ok. this one is 1.5g protein less than greek yogurt per 100g but this was uch cheaper!!!

last time when i went to citysuper, i just saw the 3.2%fat fromage frais was on sale to $34 so i bought it home and used all for cooked oats…regret of not leaving any for yogurt mess with fruits and cereals, i went there again today:)

but today there was nothing on sale and so i of course chose the 0%fat one for the same price of $45!!!!the total thing 500g was just 230kcal like near a tub of 2%fage greek with honey(that’s 190kcal if u finished all the honey like me)…

i can’t wait to taste it plain before adding in loads of cinnamon!!!:P

this one was obviously in different taste but it was super yum yum yum too!!!

though not sweet as crumbs froyo like the 3.2%fromage frais, this 0% was more thick and taste same as real greek yogurt…as i don’t have constipation i don’t think i really need more expensive greek yogurt.

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