know yourself game

14 Apr

recall my days of binge-ing on even clif bars(they’re so “healthy”and “energy-bar-y”!!!), i realized my binge action is nothing about food choices but my depression.

after reading a few blogs about “paleo” or”whole foods(not that expensive supermarket)”, i decided to know myself more about my real interest on real food, instead of keep my habit of binge-ing on snacks, especially “fake-healthy-snack”s.

firstly i would make the fun activity be a “A-B-C-game”. i encourage my readers do the same game with me to make everybody find out more delicious whole foods:) fun or not~!?:P

though all my photos in this post are what i call them fake foods, i just want to share what i’ve ordered this month and stressed that we still need fake food, just to remember in moderation<3(lots of love:)…)

A is of course apple, no doubt, i love it as snack, i love it in cooked oats, i love it microwaved with chicken breast…etc. i’ve thought about asparagus, but this veggie just appears too often becuz they’re too expensive here in hong kong so i can’t really eat them always. but apples are easier. duh, i just so simply LOVE it, do you?:)

B comes to banana. also i want to say brussels sprout but again they’re too rare here while bananas appear as like more than three brands. i used it in smoothie to add silky texture, i used it in eggy oats to add sweetness, umm…i have to confess, i sometimes eat it plain, but by like at least six bananas at once. duh again. don’t repeat my step:(

C is chickpeas. i thought of homemade cookies, do they count as whole foods? um…don’t think so. chickpeas are actually superfood and u can use them as red pepper hummus/peanut butter chocolate chip hummus/stir fry with pumpkin and tofu…umm…nobody mentioned that i’m such creative?!:P

D is for dates. it’s just so different to raisins/apricot/prunes…etc, though they’re more expensive, usage in tofu yogurt is so good that they give taste of caramel instead of overly-sweetened-stuff. but as i’ve said, they’re so expensive that they made me stop eating tofu yogurt anymore…maybe when i become rich i’ll return to them<3

E is of course egg i wanna say, but yes, i gave up trying it becuz it’s found REALLY TRUELY OBVIOUSLY CLEARLY allergic to me. sad. so? for me it’ll be enjoylife trail mix “no nuts”. yes it is actually packaged but it just contain real whole foods like sunflower seeds/dried apple cubes…etc, even their chocolate chips inside is XXX free; XXX free…uhh just sth really suits me(everything allergy girl:(…so poor)

F is…yeah hey~!finally comes to FAT FREE!!!! yeah i love fat free yogurt, fat free cheese, fat free soymilk, fat free duh duh duh:) i still love avocado/all kinds of real nuts, but maybe that’s my sickness made me so addicted to FAT FREE FOODS!!!!!!!

G is for garlic, i love my grandma but i can’t eat her and i love granola but i binge over one whole kilogram at once, that’s not a happy thing. it even made mt scared of it now. sad. though garlic is banded in yoga lifestyle, i still love them, in hummus or in stir fry things<3

H is for hummus. whatever dressing is not as good as it, it can be hot, salty, sweet, sour, so good!!!:)

I is for i love you guys!!!!!!!say truth, you’re really whole foods for my depression. what do i mean? like people say when you crave salty food, you’re just depressed and when you crave ice cream, you’re just jealous-ing someone. bloggers really mean so much to me and i got supports like i really meet you guys everyday face to face, some of you even treat me as best friends(at least i felt like this)<3

thanks so much and no food head with the letter “i” is as good as near how you guys treat me!!!:)


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