tiramisu history(still part of game)

14 Apr

ok. after the not-so-funny “i love blogger”whole food, we should continue with J right?:P

J is for japanese apple. oh gosh my fav fruit is berries but apples from japan are the most delicious; juicy; flavorful; filling food in the world. i love them, I LOVE THEM, definitely apples again:)

K is for kabocha, i know many of you know this is a kind of squash, i actually like kashi instant creamy vanilla oatmeal/golean crunch original more, but did i say these mentioned food had to be real and whole?!:)

L is for lemon, for hummus, for raw cheesecake made with cashew, drop into grill fish or cooked oats. just another not easily allergic citrus i love.


maple syrup. uhh, i forgot to say,”M is for”, yeah, i should say mushroom if i’m a good girl but i really love sweet pancakes and sweet hummus and sweet muffins and sweet gluten free toast and…uhh…sometimes i even dip sausage with syrup=v=…don’t judge.

N is for nakd bars, yes i like enjoy life chewy bar more but theses are much more natural than enjoy life bars which contains brown rice syrup and gum arabic, even rice starch and evaporated cane juice. just another “vitamin-added-organic-cheating-healthy-food”:( umm…bad guy.

O is for oh~! bob red mills’ oat bran!!!favourite thing to add into rolled oats pie/muffin/cake/yogurt mess…or my fav breakfast stable—>3.2%fromage frais cooked with three egg whites and oat bran~!<3 so freaking delicious and healthy, you just can’t believe you’re not enjoying a piece of nice and warm cheesecake!!!!(uhh, u must add like over-load of cinnamon too)

so many for P, i can say PUFFIN, PEANUT BUTTER, PUMPKIN, PISTACHIO(not another great blogger, the real nut name), or…but i have to say the winner is PAMELA!!!!!!!!!!!no i have to really confess about breaking my own-set-rules but pancake mix(again letter P)produced by this brand is really too good not to join this game. i bought $199(like US DOLLAR$26)pack of this mix this time in my order!!!umm…i just can’t wait<3

Q is form quinoa, not so addicted, but just love its nutrients. when i was a veggie, i intake-d protein only from chickpeas and quinoa. not even touching tofu/dairy. but now as i eat so much meat everyday, i nearly lost my pack of quinoa, yes i didn’t touch that pack of quinoa for months cuz i just found my body needs real meat.

again R comes to a difficult question about being a good child or listen to myself.

i bought forty pieces of fresh rice cakes and ate three and the whole pack was dumped to the bottom of my pantry. on the other side, ricotta cheese is having like over three hundred calories in a tub but i’ll finish the whole thing once i buy it, just can’t resist eating it plain!!!!!!

i should put ricotta cheese. i’m just the one lacking will power/allergic to dairy, but this game is to share food-happiness so i should introduce this good food to you guys<3:)

oh my, S is more diffcult with chinese type spinach, smoothie type baby spinach, salsa(my new addict), sweet potato(no matter orange/yellow/purple/white), silken tofu…ah and maybe for jessica it’s skippy nut butter, but for me…umm….i think i should say sift salty cupcake.

yes, i actually don’t know what’s inside, maybe some ” bad” butter, “bad” eggs, “bad” flour, and of course, as a normal bakery there should be “bad” white sugar…but that was just my everyday food before i go gluten free.

this pic is from their website and the description is just so short and simple:”Valrhona dark chocolate cake, salty caramel filling and drizzle”. cupcake wins huh?!:P

will you say tomato or turkey for letter T?nope, as i’ve gone mad for this game already, i should continue my madness and say TIRAMISU, oh my. i’ve REALLY TRUELY CLEARLY OBVIOUSLY REALLY(really twice already huh?!)done a research, or actually we should call it a project becuz i didn’t only search on web for some alphabetical information, but really visiting over eleven restaurants in hong kong to try out which made best tiramisu…crazy?yes, i’m kinda crazy when i was super sick of ED that time, that 60lbs time.

can i post some of my project photos?:)have fun!!!!!!!!!!

正this is pcc,

正this is eng king,

正ok, again my fav bakery—simplylife,

正, 吃下沒有cheese味oops, can u discover some banana?but it was really tiramisu!!!this is from soho,

正oh my, this was kinda DISGUSTING, i finished the whole thing but wanna vomit, not regret nor worry to get fat, just really bad in texture, and this is dan ryan,

第一次食tiramisu外帶都有埋水果~﹗yeah hey!the most expensive but not attractive tiramisu in world! not anything really “yeah hey”, just umm…waste of money:( this is grappa’s,

角落位的一件tiramisusee my thin legs?this is near my home, forget the name.

正yes the words you can read is the brand name.

正ugly but the best. anyone travel to hong kong for a short i’ll bring you there, i’ll not tell you the name first so you can call me for a gathering haha~!:)

正kind of strange, really so wine(is this a adjective?)and i’m feeling faint after this, but still very nice.

正thin arm again, nice but too hot while eating this, so i can’t say enjoying it.

this is heavy, yeah this shot is thin fingers!!so many thin photos back!!!:P

正kind of boring already?this is also top few restaurants i loved.

正blah. don’t mention this. sth about paul? everything tasted so bad.

only felt good becuz of my best friend was beside me, not really that good, the sponge part was too like hurt your mouth,

i still have a lot of tiramisu photos but if you’re not yet getting bored, i can tell you, I AM. so should we continue next time if you guys get interested to my previous history?:P

(fun, actually nobody like to know more about you such stupid bitch<—self talk again)



2 Responses to “tiramisu history(still part of game)”

  1. ~Jessica~ April 14, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    Wow, you really like tiramisu!

    I would like to hear more about your history, if you think you would find posting about it helpful. And there’s no way I’d ever think of you as a ‘stupid bitch.’

    Thanks for the mention and for remembering how much I like Skippy PB 😉


    • bananahut April 14, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

      fun, i just always see you having nut butter as your healthy fats intake, some bloggers choose avocado and salmon, but me too love nut butter so much like you~!:)

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