about me(hehe not the first post of blog)

15 Apr

after enjoying a hot bath, some nice musics, and of course some NEW BOUGHT GF SNACKS(it named cocoa bar!?:P), i decide to work on some fun facts about me(as some bloggers have expressed their interest on me!!!:P)…good luck and have fun without falling onto the floor!!!

firstly i would like to talk CARBS. i eat a lot of oats, like extra thick rolled oats or oat bran, and i also love granola, brown rice cookies and i make muffins and cake/pies everyday with grains flour.

however, i never eat WHITE RICE for like more than three years!? so weird!!! this made my parents very angry but i still can’t make myself eat any…i even had to throw away ONE PIECE OF RICE when it stuck on my fork after my family’s use!!!

then, it comes to SUGAR. i do found that i’m nothing fear about sugar becuz it even control me to binge less!!!

now i add molasses/brown sugar into oatmeal becuz i’m no longer fear of sugar!!! i sometimes eat six pieces of fruits a day or tons of evaporate cane juice snacks!!!

PROTEIN. i bought that expensive pack of sun warrior but it seemed doing nothing for suppressing my appetite, and i eat chicken, turkey, duck breast cooked by my maid,

i sometimes eat fromage frais which i’m actually allergic to, also sometimes egg whites.

i used to eat only chickpeas and quinoa for my protein when i was 60lbs.

it comes to FAT and i can tell you the truth that i don’t really like any. i just eat healthy fats for better health. not even nut butter/real nuts/avocado/…etc, i just even hate olive oil on salad!!!:(

for VEGGIES, i love all kinds of western choices like brussels sprout, asparagus, broccoli…so strange i actually hate chinese veg like bok choy, choy sum…etc. uhh…i’ll feel so cold after lots of chinese veg:P

so the next one will be FIBER!!! i love it, but not really, when i am sick. i only eat apples and cooked meat(mainly sausage or deli turkey)when i am sick. i really eat like that for three days, no veggies:)

next is FROYO!!! i used to eat like three cups of froyo a day before i went dairy free. i was 60lbs then and i never get full becuz whatever i ate will actually went to the brain without becoming muscles/fatty tissues.

then it comes to APPLES, before i went 60lbs, i actually ate ONE APPLE for lunch everyday for more than a year. other meals i still ate normally with my family, but the apples did make me lose weight such greatly.

ok. if you’re still reading, i really wanna thank you. next will be ACADEMIC. i can say i really felt good with myself for this. i still remember when i was grade one, that was 117 in the whole form of 240, and i was so sad that i became 18 out of 220 when i left the school. i really did fight for it. 117 to 18 was really a great change and i also learnt a lot of sewing/drawing…etc.

happy school life then? not so.

i must tell you the reason, it’s i was too weak and thin to enjoy school life, i didn’t really join anything fun, just spending all my time on studies. yes, i did make it 18, but then? yes, i was actually so sad:(


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