new goals:)~!

15 Apr

today i ate three enjoy life 110kcal snack bars and then decided to start my new life all over again.

no more regret huh?

i went to the gym and ran three times between some walking, totally 4.2miles in thirty minutes but i only burnt 273kcal!!!

not even the calories i ate for the three snack bars before the gym~!:(

but i do felt happy becuz it was the first time i do in the gym for more than 4miles…usually i just do less than 3.1miles or right at 3.1miles!!!:)

so? thanks for the enjoy life company?:P

then i read emma’s sweet tooth runner blog and found that she ran at least four miles everyday no matter it was winter or summer!!! wow, i must set her as my goal!!!

One Response to “new goals:)~!”

  1. Fiona April 15, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    Not a good thing to compare yourself to others – you are you and they are they – every body is different. What is important is doing what makes YOU feel the best.
    Every day is a new beginning, a clean slate – every hour even. Yesterday, an hour ago, they are done. We don’t have them anymore. We have right now. No regrets 🙂 xx

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