best friend=lovers?

16 Apr

today i would share a story about the film i watched today,

the title was IN TIME WITH YOU.

the reason i chose this movie was actually so selfish that i love the female main character so much and so i “must” support every of her movies right?:P

like a child, me.

it was about two close friends which treat each other like partners but still claimed that they’re “only”, “just” “simple” friends.

they used to fight for some stupid things during college and also university, but the girl never realize that the boy was actually so smart that he can reach a much better university. he’s actually studying the same university with the girl just becuz…

he loves her.

of course, this is such a tai wan tv program that none of you lovely guys will understand what they’re talking, and i’ll too, not sharing the whole story to you all, instead, i just want to share what i’ve learnt:P

firstly, negative thoughts make people grows old faster, so we have to do everything with positive thoughts and trust yourself that you can do that.

then, don’t try to cheat some “gifts” from others becuz you’ll not then have your own story.

the female main character said,” i have a good job and i have a happy life time, so, i will use my own money to but my own hand bag to carry my own story.” LOVE THAT~!:)

i can’t agree more becuz that ex-boyfriend who acted to wanna give you a “gift” may be going everywhere telling others you are such a cheating woman:(


the next is, don’t make “you’ll lose things some day” as your reason not reaching your goals. if you’re fear of a divorce and so you don’t get married, you don’t even once creating your own family!!!

so, do what you wanna do.

and, don’t think your friend is truely rude to come late for dinner with you. she may have a very hurry meeting and she was so stressed already,

what you should do is to wrap some left overs for her and listen to what she’s busying just now:)

last but not least, don’t use rules to choose your partner, like “handsome”, “rich”…etc, becuz when you truely love him, you don’t care about these.

i’m not supporting first sight love, but what i mean is people fitting in those rules may actually not love you as he fits in your rules, so, truely feel his feeling—does he love you.




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