do u wanna be a bride?

17 Apr

i quite love sharing my thoughts about movies and tv program in hong kong than to tell yuo guys how i binge everyday, nor how i am such fat/ugly/…etc bitch thing.

so i am going to share another show again—the bride wannabes.

it’s also a program about self-image, about five main characters: suki, gobby, bonnie, mandy and florence.

i didn’t really watch thw full part, just listening to the video and some small parts of this tv program, becuz i not that support people stepping on female to say like they are rubbish waiting for male to pick them up.

SUKI, i don’t think she is as beautiful as those boys said, including my brother expressed that he liked her most. she is 83lbs, not as light as when i was weakest, but 83lbs in her look and height was really sick. she is pale, not giving out brightness like “oh she glows”, plus that she is so excited when talking “doctors”, “lawyers”…blah, blah blah. i hate people only looking at surface or their appearance to judge their ability.

Gobby was ok, a true person which i like my partner to be, i prefer arguing/fighting instead of guessing.

BONNIE is not originally living in hong kong and so her character is like not so “hong kong girls”, but i don’t really think she’s what so special, cuz she’s just like a stupid boy, instead of a caring and strong boy-ish liknd of girl.

i just think she talks non-sense.

OH. I LIKED MANDY SO MUCH. really, she is strong, smart, only 30years old, young and beautiful. she makes herself pretty, but not really do a lot of make up or that kind of love-money-so-much-girl, and most importantly,

she has the same idea with me,

which is she’ll only spend 1/3 for lovers, becuz her career and family are so important too. i love that quote.

florence was dull, i really don’t wanna introduce her. just another not-yet-married old lady.

i hate the “teachers” in this show asking girls to be the last one sending “sms”, last one phone-ing your parter, sitting 45* to show your partner he’s not the only choice…etc. uhh…i wanna tell those teachers to go die!!!!!!! what’s love meaning?

to sit 45* and let him feel he’s going to lose you anytime? let him worry you’ll leave him alone someday?

crazy!!!!! i don’t agree at all for these ideas for making a good relationship with lovers.

uhh…stupid guys=teachers nowaday…:(


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