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used up photo uploading amount!!!:(

17 Apr

today i would to tell you guys what new products i saw in my usual shopping store. firstly it comes with gluten-free cereal cookie with fruits by Dr Schaer.

i usually choose gluten free snacks by their ingredients, this one contains milk chocolate, maize flour, cane sugar, potato starch, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, lots of different dried fruits, soy, corn, chestnut and coconut.

maize flour is actually corn, and cane sugar is still sugar.

potato has no protein, while non hydrogenated fat is usually palm oil, which’s my fear food too.

it contains raising agents which i don’t really care as much as lots of “healthy” people including my mom, but it does have caramel sugar syrup which i think it was a bad includes.

it states itself to be high in fiber, which maybe comes from dried fruits, corn and coconut.
dried fruits, is much worse than fresh fruits, which i absolutely LOVE to eat more if i really want more fiber!!!!!!:) easy!!!!
corn, actually, one of fear foods that’s. in my eyes, corn is just—1.full of fat
                                                                                                                                   2.full of carbs
                                                                                                                                   4.just another kind of grains which has NO GOOD THINGS LIKE SPINACH
coconut, love it, i used it in protein muffin, banana chocolate pie, macaroon, egg white cookies…etc, nice, and i don’t care they go into that cereal cookie by dr schaer.
but as the wafer and double chocolate cookies by them i’ve tried was not so good, maybe i’ll not click this as my option:(

self love, not self hate

17 Apr

yes my hair is ugly and my lips are so dry, but i suddenly think that my arm/hand is actually quite OK to look at:P also, when i was watching the good movie i’ve introduced yesterday, i also found that my legs were OK too!!!:) though so large like elephant legs, they’re full of muscles becuz of my running habit, instead of like all fat like my brother~~:P

also, my body starts going upwards, i think running does help in this area…oh, but my belly/tummy is still SO BIG and fat. sad.


best friend=lovers?

16 Apr

today i would share a story about the film i watched today,

the title was IN TIME WITH YOU.

the reason i chose this movie was actually so selfish that i love the female main character so much and so i “must” support every of her movies right?:P

like a child, me.

it was about two close friends which treat each other like partners but still claimed that they’re “only”, “just” “simple” friends.

they used to fight for some stupid things during college and also university, but the girl never realize that the boy was actually so smart that he can reach a much better university. he’s actually studying the same university with the girl just becuz…

he loves her.

of course, this is such a tai wan tv program that none of you lovely guys will understand what they’re talking, and i’ll too, not sharing the whole story to you all, instead, i just want to share what i’ve learnt:P

firstly, negative thoughts make people grows old faster, so we have to do everything with positive thoughts and trust yourself that you can do that.

then, don’t try to cheat some “gifts” from others becuz you’ll not then have your own story.

the female main character said,” i have a good job and i have a happy life time, so, i will use my own money to but my own hand bag to carry my own story.” LOVE THAT~!:)

i can’t agree more becuz that ex-boyfriend who acted to wanna give you a “gift” may be going everywhere telling others you are such a cheating woman:(


the next is, don’t make “you’ll lose things some day” as your reason not reaching your goals. if you’re fear of a divorce and so you don’t get married, you don’t even once creating your own family!!!

so, do what you wanna do.

and, don’t think your friend is truely rude to come late for dinner with you. she may have a very hurry meeting and she was so stressed already,

what you should do is to wrap some left overs for her and listen to what she’s busying just now:)

last but not least, don’t use rules to choose your partner, like “handsome”, “rich”…etc, becuz when you truely love him, you don’t care about these.

i’m not supporting first sight love, but what i mean is people fitting in those rules may actually not love you as he fits in your rules, so, truely feel his feeling—does he love you.



iron lady—i’ll be

15 Apr

watch your thoughts, for they become words.

watch your words, for they become actions.

watch your actions, for they become habits(for me it should binge everyday):(

watch your habits, for they become your character.

watch your character, for it becomes your DESTINY(i’ll make myself very successful some day):)

what we think, we become.

so true. i never believe a ED girl can fully recover, and i never think that i can leave BINGE EATING away from me.

that’s why i really still binge now.

and gained 3lbs in two days:(

but i did go to run as much as possible, and will continue until i can strengthen my mind that i can fully control myself, as what i want myself to do, and how i want myself to be.

i’ll be better.

i’ll be the best.


drenched—by wanting

15 Apr

When minutes become hours
When days become years
And I dont know where you are
Color seems so dull without you

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesnt seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes

I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
Im drenched in your love
Im no longer able to hold it back

Is it too late to ask for love?
Is it wrong to feel right?
When the world is winding down
Thoughts of you linger around

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesnt seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes

I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
Im drenched in your love
Im no longer able to hold it back

i realized that night time is my weakness, becuz i eat no matter i’m hungry or i’m depressed, i just push everything in sight into my mouth and eat them all.

but one thing surprised me is i REALLY LOVE FRESH VEGGIE/FRUIT DIPPING HUMMUS, than sugary/chocolate-y snacks!!!:)

new goals:)~!

15 Apr

today i ate three enjoy life 110kcal snack bars and then decided to start my new life all over again.

no more regret huh?

i went to the gym and ran three times between some walking, totally 4.2miles in thirty minutes but i only burnt 273kcal!!!

not even the calories i ate for the three snack bars before the gym~!:(

but i do felt happy becuz it was the first time i do in the gym for more than 4miles…usually i just do less than 3.1miles or right at 3.1miles!!!:)

so? thanks for the enjoy life company?:P

then i read emma’s sweet tooth runner blog and found that she ran at least four miles everyday no matter it was winter or summer!!! wow, i must set her as my goal!!!

gluten freeX healthy

15 Apr

oh so sad, finding gluten free dairy free egg free food is sometimes making your weight loss plan so bad:( why?

i’ve bought a pack of GLUTINO milk chocolate wafer which is nearly everything free, but it had palm oil and the worst thing was that i can’t resist finishing the whole pack which was having 22wafers while containing more than a thousand calories:(

i did really binge the whole pack in half an hour!!!

and gluten free cookies are still having high calorie rice flour/rice starch, so gluten free never equals to healthy.

however, i would never try eating normal(i mean not following gluten free)because i really found myself very allergic to gluten…dairy and egg may be a little less but gluten especially flour, made me headache, fever, (just wanna kind of-)vomit….etc.

i should work on portion control then:P