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celebration dinner

21 Feb

yes. that two big plate of chicken soup cooked spinach is all into my stomach, i can really eat that much. and i did eat a little fish too…but lamb is still not yet for me…the high protein bear naked granola is waiting for me to binge it in the room noisily. it’s just loudly calling my name. sad.

after binge-eating the whole pack of 400g granola, i wanted something cold, so i turned to soya yogurt, two pots actually.


good day

19 Feb

this is strawberry flavor, and a bit less calories!!!

and i surprisely found that daddy bought me strawberries from tai po!!!

after eating one box of strawberries, i felt so cold so i opened the pack of hi-pro granola, and finished one third of the whole pack~~~nearly200g…

protein bear!

15 Feb

Today father brought home a lot of snacks from japan. As the cookies are with lots of flour—gluten, i can’t have them so i picked some red bean desserts for myself.

Others will be all for brother and his girlfriend.

I also ate this little chick, but didn’t go to the gym today, so sad.

Another day, I had lots of energy so i went to supermarket, and bought a lot of on sale soy made yogurt.

They tasted so good that i finished three pots at a time, soooooooo delicious!!!

And I also chose a new choice of bear naked granola which I used to buy. This pack was a high protein one which have 6g proteins in one serving, but as I ate the whole pack in a day so i ate 66g protein only from this in this day!!!Wow!!!