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crazy shopping

21 Feb

i was actually planning not to lunch at home because katie is always making food soooooooooooo super oily…but those yellowy cabbage with duck and mushroom is just too difficult to resist. i ate so many pieces of duck breast that day.

after eating a pound of strawberries and four bananas, i felt quite sick and called mom to go shopping with me, to take a walk, but finally it ends buying lots of crazy foods.

when i saw it gluten free, i was so, tooooooooooooooooo crazy to grab it and put into the shopping car…crazy me?!they are just stupid packaged food as said like nicole and gwendolyn, i m just a stupid fat crazy bitch who eat rubbish. by the way, i read the nutrition facts and chose the lowest calorie one—center choice—spicy red pepper, the other two is sweet apple and garlic mushroom. kcal is important than what you really love, right?!

i also bought six slices of sirloin steak, then i went home and cried for this…what a stupid act i’ve just done?!buying beef for myself? u r aiming to lose weight!!! stupid bitch!!!