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hate binge after birthday

23 Feb

yesterday was my birthday and so my daddy and mommy brought me to the ocean park for celebration.

i ordered a sweet pepper with chicken pizza$32, eaten without the pizza base, but with my home cooked avocado chia egg salad.

we also bought a very delicious turkey leg after i alone got onto that crazy roller coster. i felt pain of every part of my body.

this morning when i woke up, i ate an orange and then sadly binged on around a kg of dried fruits. then i felt even more depressed and then i binged 6 servings of pumpkin flax granola. followed by that, i immediately went to the kitchen and cooked two big pots of beautiful chicken sausage with broccoli garlic mushroom salsa and onion brussels sprout. quite long the name huh?! but my grandma immediately took a piece of cut sausage which i just put one 130kcal serving into my two pots of veggies, that means now per pot is just having less than half a serving. I KNOW YOU ALL UNDERSTAND, anorexia girls don’t like others tasting their food, because we all cook without oil, lots of veggie, and just right amount of protein, so ppl stealing our planned food will mentally make us hungry faster than planned. SO, i hate my grandma’s act, true.



19 Feb

this is me, the beautiful non-ninge-eating me.

actually i love the me who eat healthily, i simply hate that monster who controlled me to binge until i suffer. i really hate her.

hi-pro diet

19 Feb

i used grape wine vinegar and thyme leaves to oven bake them and one fillet cost me only 60kcal!!! but this snack is a bit too chewy for me, i like instant oats more.

see the inside!!!actually a bit tastier than i imagine!!!

i also cooked quinoa for dinner, i like that nutty taste SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! plus that i add in a lot of carrot, onion, mushroom and stalk of broccoli, this dish is super healthy in my binge everyday diet!!!

eleven answers

8 Feb

Questions to Answer:

  1. What is your biggest goal/dream right now? i would like to stop binge eating, go to gym everyday and reduce weight until 88 pounds, which is my goal weight.
  2. What is your favorite color? i love green, color of my favorite foods like broccoli, brussel sprout and green monster.
  3. What’s your favorite kind of music? i love tv program songs, because i listen to them too much everyday.
  4. Do you have any fears or phobias? i fear the monster of binge eating, i fear when i see six banana skins on my table.
  5. Do you like getting manicures? i eat with my fingers usually so…um…(i don’t wanna swallow those beautiful but diamond hard crystals)
  6. Favorite meal of the day? i binge everyday so i don’t have regular meals actually.
  7. Would you ever wear bright pink toe-socks? no, i hate hello kitty or pink things.
  8. What’s your favorite color? is this copying the second question?
  9. What has been the best moment in your life so far? being 60lbs i think, i love to be anorexia, frankly.
  10. Chocolate or Peanut Butter? chocolate of course, dark with nuts and non-sweet raisins.
  11. What time do you go to bed? nearly two.

goal weight

5 Feb

Without energy to go to the gym in my clubhouse, I finally went there for 130kcal of walking and 25kcal of cycling this morning at nine.

Of course this was not my breakfast which I actually enjoyed some oily onion shred stir fried broccoli. I weight 17pounds more than my goal weight, which means it’s around seven kilograms, easy huh? Ai…but I will work hard to achieve that…somehow I was once a below-thirty-kg-girl huh?! I believe that I can reach my goal—of course not back to AN, just right keep at my goal weight.

meat or veggie?

2 Feb

I brought this packed lunch to my new year red pockets collecting challenge. Tofu cubes are my favorite protein source!

My dad is the best chef in the world! Only meat cooked by him and me I’ll eat! Of course except raw meat like sushi!

Gluten free brown rice tortilla with spinach filled, served with raw veggie sticks dipping hummus. Lunch microwaved eaten with Japanese TV programme!

Dinner with mom, ordering red wine beef with fried rice, pork chop and this—brussel sprout. Before trying this, my favorite vegetable is broccoli, but now? What do you think I love best?!

Six things about me

2 Feb

I am a gluten free girl. And this is my cathay pacific gluten free meal to japan.

I binge on all kinds of snacks, especially sweet ones. I binge on nuts too, like nearly two kilograms per day, i know that’s a lot of money, but my parents just let me do that, maybe because i had a history of anorexia.

I love french food, but even expensive main meals don’t make me truly satisfied without chewing straightly on chocolate bars or bucket of nuts.

I am dairy free too but I ate ice cream in my Japan trip everyday, see how naughty i am?

Only brown rice or congee can make me eat rice, or actually sushi can too, but plain bowl of rice? Nope. Absolutely i’ll slap on your face if you force me to have a bowl of rice. That’s simply fear.

My favorite meal is breakfast, i usually have oat bran, smoothie, tortilla wrap, or Katie’s oily stir fry garlic-y mushroom broccoli.

That’s all about me! And I’ll make WIAW on this blog so as to recover “faster”?! At least faster than the original-slower-than-turtle speed~!:)