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larabar choc chip cashew bar:)

21 Mar

guess what was this? i ate it immediately after my chemistry lesson for sort of dinner. QUICK DINNER at eight thirty night. can’t guess what it was?:P

yes! it was my fav tasty bar—>larabar!!!but i’ll not eat them anymore too because i am focusing on protein now and this one was high sugar thing, all their flavors were high sugar thing…poor…cuz they’re really so super tasty~!:)


poor guy

4 Mar

this is the worst thing i’ve ever done. i saw this $35 reduced price to $20, and i crazily bought it.

i really finish all the six pack, but feeling extremely guilty.

i used to eat the nature valley’s chocolate oat bar, but this is much more unhealthy.

the chewy is not come from the chewy oats but this one is like from the sticky syrup sticking the rice crisps together.

i ate the six packs within an hour, like thinking that it will taste healthier when i eat the next bar(just imagination of course):( so sad…

it was actually thick enough that i like that.

mom bought two new buckets of cashew for me, then i was so nervous i’ll binge on those that i finally binged a whole jar of almonds…seems successfully stop binge of cashew right?!:(

i ate two pieces of expensive chocolates with one lychee filled andanother hazelnut filled, very tasty.:)

then i ate a bear head with a good movie, without the body, cuz i’m really feeling too guilty that i can’t continue eating it.

i read a book about fake food, and this is how the author’s family eat.:)

brownie health

27 Feb

this is my first larabar experience and of course, i chose my fav…brownie flavor!!!looks so good<3

these are some other bars i bought…really expensive if living healthy…the sugary bars were much more cheaper!!!:(

the cocoa taste take the lead and so it really taste good, but totally not like brownie, because bakery brownies were much more sweeter than this…but of course health is more important:)

i actually bought a cookie dough flavor too, and both are 45g, while the usual nakd bars i eat are 30g.

i love those chocolate chips which were a bit melty, and the amount is very enough:)not too little and not too much.

the whole bar is actually longer than my palm,and not as oily as raw revolution bars:)so good~!

i also bought whey powder but only drank half…and then threw the other away, it tasted SO BAD:(it costed me$35 hong kong dollars… so sad ah:(

the nut pieces were much larger than when i made my homemade larabars…so tasty and crunchy!!!

the chocolate chips costed me many photos huh?!!!so good they’re really so good!!!:)