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fruitful day with mom

4 Apr

i nearly bought a $50 half priced gluten free snacks from kaia raw!!! and that shop also had lots of trader joe’s things!!!but no, i’ve got ZERO dollars in my bag:(

after sharing my home made four-fruits-salad with mom, we suddenly grew hungry at the same time, so we went find a restaurant to have a early bird dinner:)

i really can’t explain how excited i was when i saw cheese baked brussels sprout on the menu of OKAPI in sai kung!!! my fav veggie in such a strange SEAFOOD place~:) of course i MUST order this WITH my set dinner:P!!!~~:P

please enjoy the photos becuz i’m again busy eating my night snack of turkey, clif bars and fruit!!!


baileys cheese:)*****

24 Mar

after replying fiona‘s comment, i realized that “HEALTHY” snacks actually gave me many reasons to continue my binge eating habit. therefore, i decided not to buy any new bars anymore, the later-post-up-bars-reviews will be actually the bars i’ve eaten some time ago but not yet reviewed.

yes, not snacking but eating something is a must. i went to simplylife bakery in tai ku plaza and bought a $25 baileys cheese cake. i’ve tried this cake in fine foods, but they left me a very bad memory so i’m actually quite worry that this cake will also be as bad as that one:(

wow~!when i press my fork down(they provided me a wooden fork), i can already feel the fillngness of the cake(it was very hard but i LOVE HARD AMERICAN CHEESE CAKE~!)

the cake was full of taste and smell of bailey, but some milk chocolate flavor slowly flies out to my tongue, indeed, this cake was fabulous ~!:)

the white chocolate pieces was much sweeter than the cake but the cocoa powder balanced them out and so this cake was really brilliant<3 i love it and will definitely return for other cakes!!!

by the way, it really helps stopping my binge habit because it was REALLY FULFILLING, I’M SO FULL NOW.

hate binge after birthday

23 Feb

yesterday was my birthday and so my daddy and mommy brought me to the ocean park for celebration.

i ordered a sweet pepper with chicken pizza$32, eaten without the pizza base, but with my home cooked avocado chia egg salad.

we also bought a very delicious turkey leg after i alone got onto that crazy roller coster. i felt pain of every part of my body.

this morning when i woke up, i ate an orange and then sadly binged on around a kg of dried fruits. then i felt even more depressed and then i binged 6 servings of pumpkin flax granola. followed by that, i immediately went to the kitchen and cooked two big pots of beautiful chicken sausage with broccoli garlic mushroom salsa and onion brussels sprout. quite long the name huh?! but my grandma immediately took a piece of cut sausage which i just put one 130kcal serving into my two pots of veggies, that means now per pot is just having less than half a serving. I KNOW YOU ALL UNDERSTAND, anorexia girls don’t like others tasting their food, because we all cook without oil, lots of veggie, and just right amount of protein, so ppl stealing our planned food will mentally make us hungry faster than planned. SO, i hate my grandma’s act, true.