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how i love bars

6 Apr

yes i know it’s boring to look at again clif bar, even like the same flavor which is banana nut. but what’s in my mind was that the chocolate chips amount was different in every bars i ate in four days, twelve banana nut bars.

just so nice and totally changed my opinions to them, even better than the new formula of blueberry crisp and carrot cake:)


baby granola cups

4 Apr

except eating loads of clif bars, i also tried again a new recipe of home baked granola bar, but i used a muffin tin.

it turned out quite nice, but next time i would baked only 12mins instead of 18mins i’ve baked them…just a bit too dry, other factors were all good.

huge breakfast

4 Apr

i’m really fat. oh my goodness why do i still upload this fat look for you guys to see? yes because i’m a stupid pig:(

the first thing i thought of after waking up was clif bar, so i went to it:P

i don’t know why this one was so extra thick but i hope the calories were same, if not i’m going to kill myself, uhh, no, i’m going to kill the clif bar company boss:)

i love their carrot cake flavor because of the white chocolate chips, but the milk chocolate chips here in the banana nut flavor were also very appealing and large in chunks:)

this is actually a smoothie pudding blended with strawberry, banana, soymilk, vanilla sunwarrior protein, lettuce, cinnamon…etc, i don’t actually expect it’ll become a state of solid!!!:P

chocmuffin tea time

28 Mar

after baking some gluten free muffins at home and ate three immediately, i went out and visit olivers.

this muffin is hk$15 and the muffin top was as good as i expected, but the surprise place was that the middle/bottom was not dry nor hard at all!!!

usual muffins like in starbucks/other bakery, muffin bottoms are even worse than dried breads, but maybe it was because the chocolate chips were so whelming the muffin,

even the center of it was super moist instead of oily/dry!!!

but i hate the note about 380kcal…this muffin was actually 130g and so it was 494kcal, i think the bakery was meaning to cheat customers:(

choc granola healthified

21 Mar

ok i know this is absolutely not any kind of bar, but this was too fantastic, so i must share with you lovely guys here:)

it contains really clean ingredients, though still with agave and cocoa, the oat flakes were super chewy naturally. it taste really good, a bit too sweet for me, but the choc chunks was really so super very tasty and right in size~!

you absolutely still enjoy the greatness of chocolate, and yes it’s real chocolate, but the amount infused into the cocoa powder-ed oat-chunks was really little, so the nutrition facts were pretty good too:) love it and will buy it again later<3

brownie health

27 Feb

this is my first larabar experience and of course, i chose my fav…brownie flavor!!!looks so good<3

these are some other bars i bought…really expensive if living healthy…the sugary bars were much more cheaper!!!:(

the cocoa taste take the lead and so it really taste good, but totally not like brownie, because bakery brownies were much more sweeter than this…but of course health is more important:)

i actually bought a cookie dough flavor too, and both are 45g, while the usual nakd bars i eat are 30g.

i love those chocolate chips which were a bit melty, and the amount is very enough:)not too little and not too much.

the whole bar is actually longer than my palm,and not as oily as raw revolution bars:)so good~!

i also bought whey powder but only drank half…and then threw the other away, it tasted SO BAD:(it costed me$35 hong kong dollars… so sad ah:(

the nut pieces were much larger than when i made my homemade larabars…so tasty and crunchy!!!

the chocolate chips costed me many photos huh?!!!so good they’re really so good!!!:)