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baby granola cups

4 Apr

except eating loads of clif bars, i also tried again a new recipe of home baked granola bar, but i used a muffin tin.

it turned out quite nice, but next time i would baked only 12mins instead of 18mins i’ve baked them…just a bit too dry, other factors were all good.


binge and family dinner

2 Apr

after a week without real packet granolaI was actually setting some kind of no processed foods goals for the past week, and i even baked many batches of home made muffins, home made granola, home made nutrition bars, home made whatever.

but i finally can’t use that anymore and stock up more packet things than usual!!!

bear nakd high protein was of course my stable again and i finished this pack in a loner time this pack—>um—>one and a half days:P

of course there were fresh fruits and egg tart:)

father cooked much stuffs for us this sunday, and we used twenty tomatoes and six onions in this ox tail bowl.

father knew that i love lamb that like if it’s not lamb but other meats i’ll actually never even sit near them<3 i love veggies ah ma!!!

and yes i ate this whole plate because they still have one more plate for them—>like eight people eating same amount as me:P

i just want to show you guys a larger close up, there’re really so many tomatoes and father’ll add celery next time:)

after dinner, it was the last episode of my favorite program but watching two hours tv will make me mad—> i know myself well here:)

so i returned room and eat my granola<3

i think i’ve already eaten like thirteen packs of these 12oz high protein granola, i still had tried their banana, fit vanilla, fit berries, fruit&nuts, but i love this best and eat them within one single day:(

mom saw me binge eating again so she gave me three small plums to stop my crazy granola binge, these little stuffs were rubbish, not at all helping nor they’re good at all:(

it was beautiful though, but not sweet at all, not even sour nor bitter, or anything.

i even need an apple to wash my mouth, but then the disaster continues…

i finished the plums and walked out the room again.

i decided to watch some movies from nick cheung with an extra apple, uhh, this week was actually really bad and i’m like 54kg now…so sad:(

choc chip granola bar(very chewy)

1 Apr

i followed pbfinger’s recipe to develop my own special baked granola bars.

extra thick rolled oats 3/4cup, 2tbsp grounded hazelnut and 1tbsp coconut flour,

oat bran 1/4cup, cinnamon, salt and 1tsp custard powder, as many choc chip as you have(;) <3…)

2tsp molasses and one egg white with 1/6 cup soymilk,

mix them together and baked for 15-18mins, but the coconut flour actually made the granola bars too dry so you don’t need to bake them as long time as mine:(

choc granola healthified

21 Mar

ok i know this is absolutely not any kind of bar, but this was too fantastic, so i must share with you lovely guys here:)

it contains really clean ingredients, though still with agave and cocoa, the oat flakes were super chewy naturally. it taste really good, a bit too sweet for me, but the choc chunks was really so super very tasty and right in size~!

you absolutely still enjoy the greatness of chocolate, and yes it’s real chocolate, but the amount infused into the cocoa powder-ed oat-chunks was really little, so the nutrition facts were pretty good too:) love it and will buy it again later<3

love protein

8 Mar

i’ve not eaten anything green, yes even for vegetables, so i’ve to take my snacks pic inside a green shopping bag:)

after trying the disgusting whey protein powder last time, i’m really brave to buy two new protein powders again, and they’re garden of life and amazing meal.

i read on their web and found that the first brand was very loved by bloggers but the second brand was good at mango and natural flavor, but not the vanilla chai i bought.

the result is:

both SO SUPER EXTREMTLY delicious!!!

they held me for more than four hours without any thought of wanting to binge on snacks, and i went to toilet comfortably after drinking the banana smoothie(using the protein powder)!!! i love both!!!

other snacks photographed were binged by me inside my bedroom, i nearly made my first vomit in my life, but lastly i didn’t, thanks god i didn’t step on to another terrible world, i just want to go to the normal world from binge world, without going through the purge world.

celebration dinner

21 Feb

yes. that two big plate of chicken soup cooked spinach is all into my stomach, i can really eat that much. and i did eat a little fish too…but lamb is still not yet for me…the high protein bear naked granola is waiting for me to binge it in the room noisily. it’s just loudly calling my name. sad.

after binge-eating the whole pack of 400g granola, i wanted something cold, so i turned to soya yogurt, two pots actually.

good day

19 Feb

this is strawberry flavor, and a bit less calories!!!

and i surprisely found that daddy bought me strawberries from tai po!!!

after eating one box of strawberries, i felt so cold so i opened the pack of hi-pro granola, and finished one third of the whole pack~~~nearly200g…