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bakery on main:(*

21 Mar

and this granola bar should be easily recognized, because i’ve bought their large bag granola before, though i not so liked that—>too corn-y, i decided to take a try of their bars.

this one had really many kinds of nuts and seeds, like pecans, almonds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds…etc…so many, but also too corn-y to me…i HATE taste of CORN 😦

i’ll never NEVER buy products from them anymore~!:(


good day

19 Feb

this is strawberry flavor, and a bit less calories!!!

and i surprisely found that daddy bought me strawberries from tai po!!!

after eating one box of strawberries, i felt so cold so i opened the pack of hi-pro granola, and finished one third of the whole pack~~~nearly200g…